Monday, 31 August 2009

It Was Too Good to Last...

..and Bryan Adams can stop worrying now. After a good run at the top of the charts I had dropped down to No. 5 on the original fiction list last week. Can't complain though.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Doesn't the time just fly by?

It's been a busy few weeks at Casa Harry.
A few more updates on events occuring:

Third Pig got good reviews at the Eurocrime and Cornflower blogs as well as in the Tuam Herald newspaper (below). Good to see that people are still liking it.

Another local newpaper, The Limerick Leader, did an interview. I can be seen, in all my glory, here.

The Third Pig was also released as an ebook and sales have been pretty good - then again, it's been at a very attractive promotional price too.

In other news, the horror trilogy seems to be attracting interest and I've had some interesting discussions about it. Nothing concrete has happened yet but so far the feedback has been positive. As they say in the Heineken ad: 'Now we wait'