Saturday, 5 September 2015

What a Long Strange Trip It's Been

Just checked and, wow, it's been the guts of three years since I last blogged.

Am I lazy? Partially - but much more has transpired since.  Let me summarise:

The Third Pig Detective Agency: The Complete Casebook was published earlier this year.  It's, as the title suggests, all three Harry Pigg books in one nice, self-contained paperback.

More importantly:

Went to doctor, discovered by accident I was ill.  Work, tiredness, sleep, work, tiredness, sleep.  Zero opportunity or inclination to write. Rinse and repeat.
Got worse, went on dialysis (can you guess what was wrong yet?), work, tiredness, sleep etc.
Then, mirabile dictu (one for the Latin scholars), kidney transplant last year (thanks Andy), recovery, no more tiredness, back to real life (writing, blogging, watching sports, gaming etc).

So, there you have it.  The last three years in a nutshell.

More blogging to follow - and hopefully sooner than three years.