Thursday, 23 February 2012

Cover Me

I'm not sure if this is the final draft or not, but below is the current cover for the Curds and Whey Mystery. Look, cogitate, weep, laugh hysterically etc etc

Monday, 20 February 2012

A Visit from Cornelius Quaint

To mark the release of ‘The Lazarus Curse’, the 3rd book in the Cornelius Quaint Chronicles published exclusively on ebook today, I have organised something a little special, and Bob has kindly allowed me to hijack his blog for the day to explain...
For the initiated, the Cornelius Quaint series began way back in 2008 and follows the adventures of Victorian conjuror and his troupe of circus performers. Getting himself into trouble is a by-product of Quaint’s inability to leave matters alone, even when his clairvoyant confidante Madame Destine warns him against it. Thankfully, getting himself back out of trouble is a talent that Quaint excels at.
In the first book in the series, ‘The Equivoque Principle’, Cornelius Quaint faces deceit and discord at every turn as he attempts to clear the name of his circus strongman, wrongfully imprisoned for murder, and accidently stumbles into a plot by the villainous Hades Consortium. In the sequel, ‘The Eleventh Plague’, Quaint heads to Egypt where he faces a vicious band of desert thieves, deceit and betrayal, and phantoms of the past rise from the grave. We barely pause for breath before ‘The Lazarus Curse’, the penultimate chapter in the first series arc, before the final part of the story ‘The Romulus Equation’ is released next year.
To celebrate the release of The Lazarus Curse, a new and exclusive Cornelius Quaint short story begins on February 20th on the conjuror’s brand new blog at:

and to coincide with the release there will also be weekly competitions to win free ebooks by deciphering a simple code.
To learn more about how to join in and help spread the word, please visit Quaint’s Facebook page at:

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Quick Update from the Land of the Living

It's been a while so a quick update...

I've received the cover for The Curds and Whey Mystery and it's a belter. I'll post it for your delight and delectation over the next few days.

I'm just finishing going through first proofs of the book. Only a few minor tweaks so looking good.

Publication is still May. I don't have an actual date yet but should have shortly.

Also, tomorrow the blog will be hijacked by Darren Craske, author of the spiffing Cornelius Quaint Chronicles. The latest book in the series, The Lazarus Curse, is being released and he wants to tell all about it. Do drop by and say hello. He's a reasonable guy and doesn't bite - at least not on Mondays.