Friday, 28 November 2008

Resources for Writers: How Publishing Really Works

Want to know what happens in the publishing industry? Check out Jane Smith's informative and very objective blog How Publishing Really Works. Not enough books and courses cover the technical aspects of what really happens behind the scenes once your ms has disappeared into the mailbox but this site has a wealth of information, written by someone who's been a researcher, editor and writer so can speak with some authority on the subject - and does so objectively and with a healthy degree of reality checking.
Some of the most recent recent posts have delved into the complexities of self-publishing (as a result of the recent YWO offer) and include analysis of how pricing of self-published novels works, an insight into how Waterstones deal with self-published and POD books as well as touching on marketing and promotion.
It doesn't always make for pleasant reading - but, then again, if you're talking about the realities of publishing then that's hardly a surprise.
If you've got the champagne on ice while waiting for the advance that you know your ms deserves to drop through the letterbox you could do a lot worse than read this blog and have your eyes opened. At least then when the form rejection arrives, you'll know why you got it.
Well worth checking out - and the links are good too!

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Jane Smith said...

Why, thank you for linking to my blog! It's most appreciated.

As you say, it doesn't always make for comfortable reading but I do my best to ensure that it's always accurate and informative.

If there's anything you'd like me to discuss on my blog do drop me a note--either in the comments somewhere, or by email (my address is on my blog's front page).

Thanks again for your support. I'm off, now, to read more on your blog.