Friday, 12 September 2008

Black Boxes

Caroline Smailes (who is a wonderfully talented writer you should all read) has come up with an interesting idea to publicise her book Black Boxes.

It's simplicity itself:

  • Click on the widget (thingy on the right)
  • Make some decisions
  • Add one of your own
  • See where you end up
  • Feel free to comment on the blog you ended up at
Be warned, it's very addictive and elevates displacement to an art form.


Caroline said...

It is magic (and you are lovely)

Bear said...

i found you here through Black Boxes :)

trousers said...

I'm not here directly via the widget, but via your comment over at my place. So that's indirectly via the widget then.

Just wanted to say how pleased I was to read your comment, it was great and very heartening.

dlyn said...

it IS magic!