Monday, 2 March 2009

Cover Me, I'm Going In

At last, after a long wait, the full Third Pig Detective Agency cover is here. And what a joy it is.

I love the way the designer, Liam Relph, captured that dime novel, noir-ish feel. It's almost exactly like how I envisioned it - and I love it to bits.

So without further ado...

If you look really carefully you might even be able to make out the blurb, bio and other gubbins that are part of the cover creation process.

Hope you like it.


Welshcake said...

Oh Bob, it's lovely. Suits Harry down to the ground!

*Tries hard not to be jealous*

nmj said...

Congratulations, Bob, you must be thrilled! I think my nephews are still a wee bit young for your book, but it sounds like one they would love. Nasim

Bob said...

Thank you ladies.

Nasim, not sure how young your nephews are but it's pitched at 9-ish upwards, although Scott read it as an adult novel. Not sure what that proves tho!

Jane Smith said...

Oooh, that's a gorgeous cover design. Another book for my "must buy soon" list!

Thank you for participating in my pitch-party today: it's much appreciated. I'm amazed by how many comments it's generated elsewhere, too.