Thursday, 12 March 2009

Dawn of the Living Redneck Dead

This is a mind boggling clip - hilarious, compelling and oddly scary.

For anyone from outside Ireland, some explanatory notes are required. Fianna Fail are the current party in government and recently held their annual conference. As is usual with these things, RTE (national broadcaster) sent their PolCorr to report. The clip below is from the news programme where he wraps up what went on at the conference.

Points of interest:

1. I thought the guy bottom left was a cardboard cut-out until I realised he was looking more stupid as the broadcast went on.

2. There are at least three (ostensibly mature) grown men hopping up and down in the background like children doing a "let me see, let me see. I want to know what's going on" routine.

3. You get the distinct impression the PolCorr is a tad intimidated as it takes him a few seconds to compose himself. Then again, I challenge anyone not to be if placed in a similar situation

4. Highlight of the clip: keep an eye on the bearded chap just to the right of the reporter when they cut back to the studio. Now you see him, now you don't.

Scariest thing is that these peoples slightly more evolved country cousins are running the country.

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