Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Aaaand he's back

Wow, what a busy few months it's been. IT work sort of took over for a while, Christmas came in the middle and writing was relegated to the back seat until things settled down (as was blogging).

So, what's been happening?

The Ho Ho Ho Mystery was finally published on 28th October and I'm led to believe that sales have been good...which is nice. The week of publication Hughes & Hughes in my home town of Ennis asked me to do a signing, which went off pretty well. Credit to them for putting a bit of imagination into the event and setting up the desk like that of a PI (including a trilby, some crime scene tape and a themed mug). They also managed to lay their hands on pig-shaped sweets (don't ask me how) which the kids loved but most adults seemed to be less enthused by!

As part of Children's Book Month I did a series of library visits in both Limerick and Clare. Again, I was back in Ennis and was delighted that the visiting group was from my old school (now co-ed and requiring a uniform!). All visits, in a variety of different types of library, were a blast and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves - or did a very good job of pretending they did anyway. Kudos to the staff at each event who looked after me, made sure I had lots of coffee and water and were an all round pleasure to deal with.

As part of a Book Club visit in the Granary Library in Limerick last month I previewed a chapter of The Curds and Whey Mystery and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive - which did my ego no harm at all.

Now I'm back to writing again. The first round of edits for The Curds and Whey Mystery have come in from the publisher so I'm working on those at the moment. I'm also starting work on an urban horror story that people seem to think has potential so that'll be interesting.

Hopefully I'll be able to blog a bit more regularly too.

Oh and Chelsea signed Fernando Torres, which is nice.

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