Tuesday, 22 February 2011

School Visit - Milford NS

Last Tuesday I spent the day in Milford National School in Castletroy.

I did readings for 5th and 6th classes and we discussed where ideas came from and writing in general. Both sessions were followed by an excellent Q&A session with lots of good questions.

In the afternoon, I spoke with the school's book club who were reading The Third Pig and I Am David.

To round off the day, I visited 3rd Class where we spoke about book covers, and how they were designed. I tried to convince them that Chelsea were the best Premiership team and why everyone should support them. I don't think they bought it though!!

Overall it was an excellent visit and the school looked after me superbly and kept me filled with coffee. Thanks to Siobhan Fenton for organising the day and Colm Ryan who did an awesome job as my minder (bouncer, security etc.)

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