Thursday, 23 April 2009

All the News That's Fit to Print

Well there have been some developments on the Harry front over the past while...

Waterstone's are quite enamoured of our porcine detective, so much so that they want to include TPDA in one of their summer promotions. As a result, publication has been brought forward to 25th June. From what I'm hearing, it's going to be part of the Crime section. Does that mean I have to change my job description to Crime Writer now???

TPDA is going to print first week in May (finally) so it won't be long before I get to hold a copy in my grubby little fist.

As part of my ongoing quest for domination of the world's literary scene, I'll be on Clare FM radio tomorrow morning. As it's based in my home town of Ennis, I'm delighted to be going back and getting the opportunity to waffle at great length on whatever arises! Although the station is only available in the mid-West region, it can be streamed for anyone with a passing interest. Drawback (for me as well) is that I'm on at 8am so it looks like an early start.

And finally we enter the realms of fantasy. 20th Century Fox have taken away a copy of The Third Pig to have a look at. This, of course, means absolutely nothing in real terms other than that it gives them first dibs should they decide they like it. They may say 'no thanks', they may option it, they may even come back and decide thay like it so much they want to make it into film. Either way, I've been around the block enough times to not start spending my 10% of the backend just yet. There's a long way between someone saying 'can we have a look' to seeing the famous Fox logo on the screen. It does make things a little more interesting though.


Welshcake said...

Bloody hell, Bob.

That's brilliant. Really brilliant.

TTPDA would really lend itself well to film. Maybe as a kind of animation noir. I can imagine Harry doing a world weary voice over.

Caroline said...

Ooooh, well done you! I can't wait to read it! And a film! - it's the stuff of dreams. Enjoy the ride x

Bob said...

Justine, oh if only! Long way to go yet tho'.

Caroline, not much longer now (I hope).