Friday, 17 April 2009

News (sort of and a bit cryptic)

Things are beginning to happen as a result of recent developments.

Publication date has changed once more - but this time it's been brought forward to June 25th. This is as result of major interest by a well-known bookstore chain. Hopefully I'll be able to be a tad less cryptic after I meet Scott (my publisher) in the flesh (so to speak) next Monday morning.

In other news, I finished the first draft of The Ho Ho Ho Mystery earlier this week and gave myself a well earned clap on the back. I'm putting it away for a while before starting second draft/rewrite but already I'm thinking of ways to make it better. The strange but welcome thing is I'm not consciously doing so, these ideas are coming to me as I work on other stuff.

Now I'm off with Number 2 son for a four day break in London. I know the city well so am looking forward to being a tourist and showing him around. Highlight of his trip will, I suspect, be seeing Oliver - 'tho I've just discovered Rowan Atkinson will not be Fagin-ing again until 25th April as he's undergoing surgey so N2S going to have to make do with Russ Abbot. Bah!

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