Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Things I've Learned (following my trip to London)

Scott Pack and the rest of The Friday Project Team are nice people - but then you knew that didn't you. And Scott makes a great cup of tea. Bonus points for including my son (11yo) in the conversation. He enjoyed the trip to Harper Collins as a result. More news on developments on Third Pig to follow soon.

Madame Tussauds is outrageously overpriced and distinctly underwhelming. We were both very disappointed with the experience.

Contrast that to the Sherlock Holmes Museum just around the corner. For a quarter of the cost we were treated to a genuine and enjoyable replica of what 221b Baker Street would have looked like based on Conan Doyle's writing. It's not flashy; it's not hi-tec but it's a treat for any Holmes fan (and we both are). The actor that played Dr Watson and acted as our guide was a top bloke. N2S was hugely impressed with our visit there.

Russ Abbot was a fantatsic Fagin. He more than made up for our disappointment at missing out on Rowan Atkinson. Abbot gave a masterclass in comic timing and stage presence. If RA is only half as good in the role, he's very good indeed. The show itself was slick, well presented and thoroughly entertaining and all this from someone who views Musicals the same way he views Country & Western music, Harry Hill and Manchester United (things to be avoided where at all possible).

The London Eye is good fun.


Welshcake said...

Waits for news about Harry.


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